How to install the CSR 4.0 Bluetooth adapter driver?

  • For Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

This Bluetooth adapter is plug and play on Windows 8/10. You just plugged it in and the drivers were automatically downloaded and configured within seconds on your Windows 8/10 desktop. But didn't have to install anything. A Bluetooth icon appeared in your system tray (bottom-right corner of display). please right-clicked it and click on add device.


  • For Windows 7 and Windows XP
  1. Plug Bluetooth Dongle into USB port and the indicator of would flash to remind you all is in processing- Attention: Insert Bluetooth adapter before installation.

2.Then open the "My computer" and find the driver file, clik the \"setup.exe\" to install.

3.In install process, Language selection \"English\", Discovery Mode set as \"Discovery ON\"

4.Simply restart your computer and your dongle adapter will change from gray to blue and appear in the taskbar,and click to connect devices.


  • How to pair with the device (Take headphones, Windows 10 as an example)

1.Right click Bluetooth icon "Add Device", select Device and Printer/Add Device, search for the Bluetooth devices.

2.Place the headset in standby pairing mode.

  1. Once the headset is detected, click on the device and right click to select the connection. Note: If prompted to enter a key, please check the device manual or ask the supplier.
  2. When "Connected" is displayed, pairing is completed.



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  • The instructions are not that clear but do work, certainly on W10. Plug the dongle in, wait a few minutes then go to Settings, Devices and the dongle should show as Desktop-J8K33R0 (or something similar), then (still in settings) click on Add Bluetooth or other device, in the next dialogue box, click Bluetooth. Make sure the device you want to add is discoverable and then you should see it show in the box and you can connect. Hope that all makes sense. It has worked for me.

  • I bought ZEXMTE Bluetooth USB Adapter CSR 4.0 USB Dongle Bluetooth Receiver Transfer Wireless Adapter for Laptop PC Support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP,Mouse and Keyboard,Headset. I plugged into my windows 10 computer and it said DRIVER ERROR. What do I do now? Please email me the Windows 7 driver, or some sensible instructions that does not include “it will automatically load” because that doesn’t work.

  • Plugged it into my windows 10 computer worked perfect detected everything i needed connected.

  • I bought this to get bluetooth on my Windows 10 Desktop, the dongle was recognised by windows, but the drivers weren’t. I tried to use the Windows 7 Driver Disc, but Windows couldn’t even recognise the disc. I’ve tried everything suggested on the website but still no luck.

  • Complete crap! This doesn’t work on my Windows 10 Home PC. I can’t connect my Bluetooth headset. I will be returning it for a refund. Buyer beware!


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