If the Bluetooth adapter is plugged into the computer for a long time,...


Many of our friends may have continuously inserted your Bluetooth adapter for pc for a long time.Indeed,it is such a bad habit.In so doing,will it damage my computer or Bluetooth adapter?We have carefully looked into this situation and its results are put as below:

In theory, it will not, because this is the same as the working principle of the network card, which is used to realize data transmission. If the computer is used frequently, and you don't use the adapter to transfer data very often, it is recommended to pull it out,because it is easy to get hot and aged as the U disk is.

The computer will detect each port on the host each time it is started. At that time, the port that is not working will also have a current surge, and such current is usually a little larger than the normal current, so , it will still affect USB devices,but not necessarily damage it.

If there is no Bluetooth device that needs to be driven, it can be unplugged. If so,it can save the life of the Bluetooth adapter (if it is always plugged, there will be current and heat).What's more, it also saves a USB interface. It can be inserted again when needed.

Otherwise,your adapter is for external use. It will,more or less,affect the operation of the computer. For example, the computer responds slowly, or the boot is slow. In consequence, these external tools are needed to be unplugged when you are using it, for which it is good for your computer and the external devices of your computer.

In a nutshell,You'd better pluck it out if you don't use your Bluetooth adapter for laptop for the present time,because you can use your Wireless Dongle for a longer time.

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