Is it better to buy a Bluetooth adapter with a specific driver or a drive-free one?

Nowadays there are two kinds of Bluetooth adapters—one is the one that needs to be installed by a Bluetooth adapter,and the other is the one that is drive-free.

Then there comes a question:is it better for us to purchase a Bluetooth adapter with a specific driver or a drive-free one?

You may think that a Bluetooth receiver with a driver is more cumbersome while the one without a driver is more convenient and handy.

However,for some systems, the Bluetooth-driven program is "castrated".That's to say,I paid for a adapter wife that is as pretty as flower and jade,but the computer husband is an eunuch! A disk for a specific driver is a must.Our Free Download Links of CSR 4.0 and Broadcom Drivers is here.

As you know, I can't find the driver at all on the Internet,once the drive-free adapter is not driven,so I advise that you buy a  Bluetooth USB adapter with a disk.Nowadays all computers have a CD driver,but there are not necessarily drivers for adapters in each computer.


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  • My windows 7 PC does not have a cd drive. Your drivers linked on this page comes up with a 404 Page Not Found error.

    Mark Thoms

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