Recommendation of Bluetooth headset mainstream brands

Only Sony Ericsson has specially designed its own mobile phone and Bluetooth headset, and has more advantages in the interconnection. Other brands adopt the standard Bluetooth protocol, which is basically consistent with the interconnection effects of various brands.

Nowadays, the Bluetooth headsets of various brands on the market are dazzling.  The first-line brands include: Jabra, Plantronics, Samsung, Sony, Nokia Motorola and so on. The other main brands are Goertek, I.Tech, Prof, Touch, V3, MSI, Scud,etc.

The Jabra Bluetooth headset produced by GN Netcom in Europe surpasses the traditional design, small and chic.Through the ear bone transmission system, the voice is very clear.It ranked No.1 in similar products by the New York Times. Bluetooth headsets for Motorola, Siemens, Samsung are all produced by JABRA. They are also an important tool for experts to evaluate the performance of mobile phones.


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