• Which is better,Bluetooth adapters or data cables?

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        There are advantages and disadvantages for both of them in terms of use.      In speed,of course, the data cable is better, but only for the specified models because of its port.In fact, Bluetooth adapter is better, whose supported models or brands are more extensive.However,the speed of Bluetooth adapters  is not ideal when used for wireless network transmission.The data cable is always bad in its interface, which causes some problem and inconvenience while Bluetooth  is better in versatility.The most important thing is that Bluetooth adapter implements more features than the the data cable.For...
  • How should I make Notebook Bluetooth icon reappear if it is accidentally deleted?

    For this problem,it is really not so hard to solve.You can resolve it by the following methods: Method 1: Start - Settings - Find and turn on Bluetooth in the Control Panel.If you haven't uninstalled the Bluetooth driver, you can re-enable it in the Device Manager of the Control Panel. Method 2: The notebook Bluetooth function of the general computer  is turned on by  Fn+F3 or F2. Different notebooks may be different. Press Fn+  the key with the Bluetooth icon,and you will turn on Bluetooth. After the connection is successful, the Bluetooth indicator will flash. Find...
  • How is a mobile phone connected to a desktop computer with a Bluetooth adapter to surf on the Internet?

    The steps you may need to take are put as follows: 1. Install the driver for the Bluetooth adapter(Bluetooth Manager).2. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port of the computer and turn on the Bluetooth function on the phone.3. Open the newly installed “Bluetooth Manager”. In the pop-up window, right click the mouse and select “Refresh”. The computer will automatically search for your mobile phone, and then double-click it to pair. (When you want to enter the pairing password, you can enter it at will, but the password must be the same on both the...
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