Which is better,Bluetooth adapters or data cables?

    There are advantages and disadvantages for both of them in terms of use.

     In speed,of course, the data cable is better, but only for the specified models because of its port.In fact, Bluetooth adapter is better, whose supported models or brands are more extensive.However,the speed of Bluetooth adapters  is not ideal when used for wireless network transmission.The data cable is always bad in its interface, which causes some problem and inconvenience while Bluetooth  is better in versatility.The most important thing is that Bluetooth adapter implements more features than the the data cable.For example, if you have a Bluetooth headset, you can listen to music directly and it is more convenient to connect to the computer for unlimited Internet access.It can be still used  even if you have changed your phone (as long as there is Bluetooth function in your phone). In price, Bluetooth adapters will be a better choice, which is easy to transfer things in any place.

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    That's to say, compared with the data cable, the Bluetooth is better in compatibility. The installation of a file transmitted to the mobile phone through the Bluetooth is basically no problem. Also,it is more convenient, there is no need to plug in. More importantly, many items are automatic, such as synchronizing memos and tasks and backup address book, etc.do not need  find and open the folder layer by layer,which will save a lot of time. But if you have the large batch transfer or the large file transfer,the  data cable is better in speed.

    Please decide which one to use according to the actual situation.Personally,I strongly recommend you to buy a Bluetooth adapter.


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