Win 10 system suddenly can not use Bluetooth and the entire Bluetooth function can not be found, how can it be solved?

      Have you ever met the following situation?
    When your computer was booted up, the Bluetooth function of the computer could not be displayed. The Bluetooth function was not found in the task-bar or the control panel. Some methods found on the Internet were invalid. The methods that have been tried are:

     1. The drivers of Qualcomm and Intel are installed, which has no effect.

     2. In Device Manager and find that Bluetooth-related entries are not found at all.

     3. Click Run and enter services.msc. But the bluetooth support service cannot be found, so it cannot be started.

      Then what's wrong with it and how should we solve it?

      Main reasons are probably as below:

       A.It may be a bug of Win 10.

       B.For some particular computers, it will have similar problems,if there is only a Win10 driver without having installed a driver provided by their manufacturer.

       Methods you may adopt:

      1.Go to the support page of the product official website to download and install the Bluetooth driver provided by them, and restart.Our free download links for CSR 4.0 and Broadcom Drivers are here:

      Or you can download and install a drivergenius or the latest intel Bluetooth driver in

       2.Right-click  Start, enter Device Manager, find the unknown USB device, and then right-click to disable before you right-click to enable.

bluetooth adapter windows 10 driver


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