Q1: How do you install a driver?Do you need to install a driver for the Bluetooth USB adapter?

  • For Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
It works with Windows standard drivers, so there is no need to install drive software. Plug this Bluetooth adapter into the USB port,the Bluetooth icon appears and then pair with the Bluetooth device.
  • For Windows 7
Please install the CSR drive from the supplied CD.Steps as follows:
1.Plug into USB port and the indicator of would flash to remind you all is in processing.
2.Then use the installer\"setup.exe\" from Mini CD to install.
3.In install process, Language selection \"English\", Discovery Mode set as \"Discovery ON\"
4.Simply restart your computer and your dongle adapter will be fully installed and operational.
(If your computer doesn't have CD reader. Please kindly contact customer service for drive file via services@zexmte.com.)


Q2: After I have install software on Win7, a Yellow exclamation mark appears under Device Manager or drive error on Setting page.

A2: May be a drive and computer built-in Bluetooth conflict,please use the shortcut key“Win + R" enter "devmgmt.msc” disable the previous driver.


Q3:When the Bluetooth adapter is successfully installed but the Bluetooth icon is deleted

A3: The way to how to recover the delete Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the:
1. Right-click the desktop network--network and sharing center
2. Click on Change Adapter Settings, find the Bluetooth network link, right click - Properties
3. Select the Bluetooth tab, select the Bluetooth setting, and tick the display in the notification area.
4. At this time, the Bluetooth icon will be restored.


Q4:Why is the audio quality so terrible?

Method 1:
It's better to set it up as follows: Please uncheck "Hands-free telephony" from the services setting on your Bluetooth device: Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers -> select your device and right-click, open Properties, then go to Services tab and uncheck Hands-free Telephony.
Method 2:
For Windows 7 users, go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Manage Audio devices, Right-click Bluetooth Audio Renderer, go to the Advanced tab, and set the quality to DVD. By default, it's set to CD, and it sounds terrible. Once you do that, the quality is great!


Q5: For Windows 7, can't search for any Bluetooth devices after installing the drive

1. Check if the Bluetooth driver is installed correctly.
2. The Bluetooth device must keep in waiting for pairing status
3. Restart the computer again and search the device.


Q6:No sound output after connecting a Bluetooth headset

A6: Please click the "sound icon/playback device" in the lower right corner of the desktop to set the Bluetooth headset as the “default device” output.


Q7:Does the Bluetooth adapter support TV use?

A7: Bluetooth adapter only supports Windows computers,Not support Mac OS or Linux operating systems or TV,car stereo systems


Q8: Delay with Bluetooth adapter

1. It is recommended range is within five meters,please try to be close to your computer to see if it is better.
2. The second,please close the WIFI signal when use the Bluetooth adapter,because the WIFI signal will effect the Bluetooth signal.
3. USB 3.0 introduced radio frequency interference in the 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz range, which is the same radio spectrum used by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Therefore,it is not recommended to use USB 3.0 port, and the Bluetooth adapter should not be too close to your router or working USB 3.0 devices


Q9:Why is there no signal when connecting 5-10 meters?

A9: The product has been tested and can reach up to 10 meters in an unobstructed environment. It may interfere with household electronic equipment. It is recommended to use it within 5 meters.


Q10: Audio is intermittent when listening to music

A10: Please remove the Bluetooth headphones from devices. Then re-pair the headphones and add them back as a device.Sometimes I have to do this a couple of times and then the audio starts smoothly playing music and streaming video.


Q11: Bluetooth adapter is not recognized

1. The USB port is broken, you can replace other devices and check if the USB interface can be used.
2. Right click/Management/Services and Applications/Services
Found Bluetooth support Service, double-click on the start up type to change to "automatic", and the service status to start.


Q12: Why does it trigger the blue screen of death?

A12: Because some software in your computer may be incompatible with it.In that case,please don’t continue to install the driver.


Q13: Does this work with the new Xbox One S Controller that has Bluetooth?

A13: Yes! The Bluetooth adapter works great with the Bluetooth-capable Microsoft Xbox One S Controller (Windows 10 with Anniversary Update or greater only), but for DS4 which use a non-standard Bluetooth implementation that requires third-party software, you can install them yourself and have a try.


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