Founder:Lei Yuyan

Address:No. 9, Lane 10, Shangshatangyan Village, Shatou St., Futian Dist., Shenzhen CHINA 518000

Product Range:electronics(including wireless USB adapter,Bluetooth adapter,Drive-Free Audio Transmitter ,Fan Splitter ,Network Controller Card ,Wireless Audio Receiver,etc),Outdoor products(including Barbecue Grill Light and  Tree Swing Hanging Straps,etc),Household products(including Magnetic Wristband and  Wall Plate,etc)


The third-party

I.Brand History

The brand,zexmte,was registered and founded in May,2015.We have been getting a bigger teams to create and develop competitive products to serve people in and abroad.We hold firmly to the concept that quality is the premise of any other work and  the first and foremost thing to fulfill.

II.Brand Positioning

We aim to making as good products as we can to satisfy customers' demands and serve you at our best.We are making and selling premium products rather than many products,and will hold on to it.

III.Company Structure

We have a relatively complete team of about 100 people to work together,which is made up of the Product Department,the Development Department, the Sales Department,the Warehouse-management Department,the Procurement Department,the Human Source Department,the Administration Department,the Design Department and the Finance Department.We have been collaborating on working days to create continuously great values for people abroad and even worldwide. 


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