How do I know if my laptop has a Bluetooth adapter?


1. After you connect the computer to the power supply, you should make sure that the power of computer is stable and then turn on the computer.

2. After that, wait for the system to stabilize and select the “My Computer” or “Computer” icon on the desktop.

3. Click the right mouse button and find “Management”.
4. Select "Management" ,click in and wait for a while.

5. In the page shown in step four, find the icon of  Device Manager, and click to see  devices of the entire computer. Check whether there is a Bluetooth icon.If any, it means that the computer has Bluetooth ; if not ,this means that the computer does not have Bluetooth.

Right click on My Computer - Management - Device Manager - View whether there are the hardware devices of Bluetooth. If there are, a small icon of Bluetooth will appear.If you click it,you will see the Bluetooth hardware name and Bluetooth bus.


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