By which Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth headset used on the computer can you listen to songs without delay?


     Many Bluetooth adapters and Bluetooth headsets are of good quality,such as famous Bluetooth headsets and adapters such as Jabra and Plantronics. Bluetooth adapters of our brand,zexmte,is  also so great indeed.However,  a delay in listening to songs may be caused by headphones and adapters, but a computer may also result in the delay. 
     If it is the problem with the adapter and the Bluetooth headset,it may be mainly because that it is far away, the signal is not good. In that case,the adapter can be plugged and reconnected to solve it.Otherwise,You can use your mobile phone to pair with the headset before you  listen to music. If there is no problem, it means that it is not a problem with the headset.

     If it is a problem caused by your computer, it can be handled as follows:

     1. First check if the Bluetooth driver of your computer is installed correctly. Right click "Management" on my computer before you click "Device Management".Then click "Universal Serial Bus Control".

      If there is a small yellow exclamation mark in front, it means the driver is not correctly installed. Go to the official website to download the correct driver or use the driver wizard to download it automatically. Our  download links for  CSR and Broadcom Drivers is here:

       2. After you confirm that the driver is correctly set up, right click on the small speaker in the lower right corner of the computer.Then select “Play Device” before you select “Play” tab. Finally,you will see the connected playback device (you can click it to have it connected if it's not connected).

sound control panel win 7


       3. Select "Bluetooth Headset" in the playback devices that appear before you click "Set as Default" and OK below .
       4. Clean up the system garbage and restart the computer.


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