How to connect Bluetooth headset to Win7 Bluetooth adapter

    In the Win7 system, the steps for connecting Notebook to the Bluetooth headset are as follows:

Devices and Printers

     1. Click the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the system and select "Add Device".
     2. Select the Bluetooth headset you want to add.
     3. The system will prompt that it is connecting to the Bluetooth adapter.
     4. It prompts it is successfully added.
     5. Click on "Start" - "Devices and Printers" and you will see the added Bluetooth headset.
    6. Right click on the Bluetooth headset, select "Properties", and select "Services" in the pop-up window.
    7. You can see that the headset options are not ticked, so you cannot use the Bluetooth headset to listen to music. Be sure to have it ticked, and then the system will prompt to install the driver.After the driver is successfully installed, find the Speaker icon in the lower right corner of the system. Right click on "Play Device" and you will see the Bluetooth audio option.
    8. You can see that the default playback device at this time is a built-in speaker. You must use Bluetooth audio as the default playback device so as to listen to music using the Bluetooth headset.
    After all the settings are completed, you can use the Bluetooth headset to listen to  music played on your computer.


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