Can I use a Bluetooth adapter for my Android TV?


The answer is yes. But the TV must have a built-in driver for Bluetooth adapter.Most of them should be available, there is also a problem of adaptation, it must be a smart TV, which connects the Bluetooth adapter through the USB interface of the TV.

The Android system of the TV has fewer types of Bluetooth adapters that can be recognized, and different TVs have different types of recognition. Below is an example of the LeTV X40, which can recognize the ORICO BTA-406.The steps are described as below:

1. After you plug in the usb Bluetooth adapter, open the menu and enter the TV settings interface. You can find the Bluetooth settings downwards.

2. After the Bluetooth headset is placed in the discoverable state (usually long press the Bluetooth pairing button or the power button) to enter the Bluetooth settings, the headset can be found.
3. Press OK to start pairing. Once the pairing is successful, you are ready to use.

Generally, it is also ok if you do not need a driver. It can be use only if it can be connected. If you need a drive, you need an Android driver.

It must be a smart TV.Most TVs now have built-in set-top boxes, and the system is Android, which is compatible with most USB devices,such as keyboard, mouse, handle, U disk, driverless camera and so on.
The wireless mouse and keyboard are connected via a Bluetooth adapter.
However, there are some settings, whose connection is unstable due to compatibility issues. By restarting the TV they can usually be solved.

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