Can I use a Bluetooth adapter for my desktop?

Absolutely.Desktop computers can use Bluetooth adapters with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth stereos and so forth.

Methods as below:

1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port of your computer. It is best for desktop to plug in the rear USB port of the desktop. Do not plug into the front one, which is easy to result in insufficient supply power.

2. If it is a drive-free one, the appearance is generally as shown below,and  Windows will automatically install the Bluetooth driver. If it is a special adapter, you need to install the driver in the CD.

2 bluetooth adapter 2018

3. After the driver is installed, the Bluetooth logo will appear in the task bar at the lower right corner.
bluetooth adapter amazon
4. Right click on the Bluetooth logo in the lower right corner and add the device in the pop-up menu to use.

The steps are so easy to perform.If you still have some problems,describe your questions specifically to us,we'll try our best to resolve your problems.


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