How to use your phone as a Bluetooth adapter for your computer

Today I will introduce a interesting thing to you all,which is just described as the title.If you have the available devices including Desktop computer (no wireless built-in devices inside the computer host), a mobile phone, a number of data cables, a Bluetooth headset, and a router,but you don't have a Bluetooth dongle for pc.

You may try the followng software:

SoundWire Server

use a phone as a Bluetooth adapter

The sound on the computer is streamed to a mobile phone through WIFI in the same local area network. However, there is a delay of about a second.It can make do with listening to the songs,but  audio and picture are somewhat out of sync when you watch video.

It has  PC and mobile versions,which you can easily search for it on the internet and use it.


If you want to watch a TV play at night or play a game at night without bothering the person who is sleeping nearby,but the use distance of the wired earphone is limited, then you're advised to adopt the above method.Stream the sound from your computer to your phone wirelessly and listen to the sound on your computer with headphones plugged on your phone.

You may have a try.



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