How is a mobile phone connected to a desktop computer with a Bluetooth adapter to surf on the Internet?


The steps you may need to take are put as follows:

1. Install the driver for the Bluetooth adapter(Bluetooth Manager).
2. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port of the computer and turn on the Bluetooth function on the phone.
3. Open the newly installed “Bluetooth Manager”. In the pop-up window, right click the mouse and select “Refresh”. The computer will automatically search for your mobile phone, and then double-click it to pair. (When you want to enter the pairing password, you can enter it at will, but the password must be the same on both the phone and the computer.)
4. After the pairing is successful, the connection is done too.

     How is a desktop computer or a  laptop without Bluetooth function integrated into this infinitely convenient Bluetooth world? A Bluetooth adapter with a USB interface can easily solve this problem.

     Connect the USB Bluetooth adapter to the USB port of the computer before you install the driver of the USB Bluetooth adapter correctly, and you can see a red small light on on the USB Bluetooth adapter when the installation of the driver is completed. We can find a directory named Bluetooh File Exchange in My Documentation. Inside, you will see many options including My Bluetooh, My PIM Sync, My PIM Project Transfer, My Dial-Up Network, My Fax, My Headset, My Network Access...
     The mobile phone will send a prompt for the computer to enter the PIN code before you enter and confirm your identification code, and then after the match with the mobile phone, the connection between the mobile phone and the computer is completed.We can realize some functions of wireless transmission through the mobile phone and the computer.
     In addition to these features, the USB Bluetooth adapter has other special features such as dial-up Internet access, Bluetooth headset, file transfer and more. We can see that we can make a personal business card on the mobile phone, and then send it out through the mobile phone. We can receive it through the USB Bluetooth adapter. This is a very user-friendly function. We no longer need to transfer business cards to each other, the information of the business card will be transmitted to the computer just with one click. Additionally,the business card will be showed to have been received upon completion.
      Finally, we also tested the effective distance of the USB Bluetooth adapter. We tested the distance with a wall that was not completely isolated.We know that the signal will be greatly reduced under the barrier, but in the test results, we can use the USB Bluetooth adapter within about 7 meters. If  this distance was exceeded,it was very easy to get into the  dilemma where the equipment cannot be found or data was lost.

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