Frequently asked questions about the use of Bluetooth headsets


1. Can my mobile phone use a Bluetooth headset?

A: The protocol of the Bluetooth headset is a universal Bluetooth communication protocol. As long as your mobile phone has Bluetooth function, you can almost use Bluetooth peripherals such as Bluetooth headset. The mainstream mobile phones in the market basically have Bluetooth functions.

2.How do I choose a Bluetooth headset?

A: First of all, choose the Bluetooth headset of a brand, by which  quality or after-sales service is guaranteed.Secondly, choose a Bluetooth headset with good sound quality and long standby time, because the life of the Bluetooth headset is actually the life of the built-in lithium battery,which is determined by the number of charge and discharge cycles, so the greater the number is, the longer the life of the Bluetooth headset will be.

3.Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation problems?

A: The radiation value of the Bluetooth headset is only  a small percentage of that of the mobile phone,which  can be even neglected. It is the true radiation-free products, which can be used with confidence. The way to make calls with Bluetooth headsets is very environmentally friendly and  is popular among Europe and America.

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4. Does the Bluetooth headset interfere with the car electronics, radio or computer?

A: The radio wave power emitted by the Bluetooth headset is much smaller than that of an ordinary mobile phone, and its transmission power conforms to the CLASS2 international Bluetooth standard. Therefore, there is no interference with standard consumer electronics.

 5. Can the Bluetooth headset battery be replaced,and  what is the life expectancy?

A: Most of the batteries of the Bluetooth headset are built-in lithium batteries, which  can not be replaced.The number of battery charge and discharge cycles is more than 300 times. According to the charge every 5 days, it can be used for 1500 days,namely about 3 to 4 years. A Bluetooth headset can be eliminated in 3 years, so you don't have to worry about the battery life of the Bluetooth headset.

6. When in use, how far can the Bluetooth headset be from the mobile phone?

A: The transmit  distance between Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones or Bluetooth adapters is up to 10 meters.

In general, when there are no obstacles in between, the connection between them is the best.

7.How do I pair my Bluetooth headset with my mobile phone?

With the increase in the number of users and the need for users to pair Bluetooth headsets, now Bluetooth headsets on the market are gradually becoming simpler to connect a earphone. There are two main ways to pair connections:

I. Bluetooth headset supports the toggle switch. Simply pull down the power button and the Bluetooth headset will automatically boot into the pairing mode. At this time, the red and blue lights will flash alternately, and then turn on Bluetooth of  your phone. When the device name of a Bluetooth headset is searched, click the pairing to connect. For example, the S560  is so done to achieve automatic pairing connection.

II.Press and hold the Bluetooth headset's power button (3-5 seconds),and  the Bluetooth headset will boot and enter the pairing mode. At this time, the red and blue lights will start flashing alternately; turn on the phone Bluetooth,search for the device name of a Bluetooth headset, and click the pair to connect. Generally,A Bluetooth headset uses this method to achieve a manual pairing connection.

8.When the Bluetooth headset is plugged in, why doesn't the indicator light light up?

A: The charger plug is not plugged in,so just plug it in again.

9. Bluetooth headset cannot be turned on.
A: Refer to the manual, find the power button, press and hold for about 3 seconds, and see the blue or purple light flashing which means  the boot is completed.

10. Is the Bluetooth headset often disconnected or turned off?
A: In the case of ensuring that the battery is fully charged, this problem can usually be solved by restoring the factory settings, restarting the phone, and re-pairing. If the problem is still not solved, it may be caused by the Bluetooth headset being incompatible with the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. In this case,it needs upgrade your phone system.

11. What should I do if there is the noise or noise in the Bluetooth headset?

A: The noise in the headphones originates from many factors. Most of these reasons are caused by radio signal interference between the phone and the headset. To improve the effect of the call, you should try to keep no interference from the radio signal between the phone and the headset. What's more,  some suggestions are provided as below  for reference:

1) Make sure there is no barrier between the Bluetooth headset and the phone

2) Make sure that the Bluetooth headset you wear is on the same side as the phone;

3) Avoid placing the phone in the bag (the canvas bag will have less obstacle while the bag or briefcase will have more obstacle).


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