How should I make Notebook Bluetooth icon reappear if it is accidentally deleted?

For this problem,it is really not so hard to solve.You can resolve it by the following methods:

Method 1: Start - Settings - Find and turn on Bluetooth in the Control Panel.If you haven't uninstalled the Bluetooth driver, you can re-enable it in the Device Manager of the Control Panel.

re-enable Bluetooth Adapter icon
Method 2: The notebook Bluetooth function of the general computer  is turned on by  Fn+F3 or F2. Different notebooks may be different. Press Fn+  the key with the Bluetooth icon,and you will turn on Bluetooth.

After the connection is successful, the Bluetooth indicator will flash. Find the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and right click and select  Enable Bluetooth Radio.

Method 3: Right-click on the task bar— Properties—Notification Area—Customize.It will  be OK if you continue to set it yourself as per what it shows next.

Method 4:Right-click Network on the desktop—Properties; Click on Change Adapter Settings, find the Bluetooth link, and right click Properties;Select the Bluetooth tab, select the Bluetooth setting, and tick  Display in the Notification Area. At this time, the Bluetooth icon will be restored.

Method 5:Find the fsquirt file in the C:\windows\sysytem32\ folder (this is a Bluetooth app) before you right click on it - attach to the Start menu - OK, and you will see the Bluetooth icon in the Start menu and can use it by directly clicking on it.

Method 6:Enter "fsquirt--" in "Start--Run", and it  will directly pop up the Bluetooth transmission and reception interface, where you can have specific operations of reception and transmit .


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