The 3 major development trends of Bluetooth technology in the future

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The application of Bluetooth technology is considered to be very widespread and have great potential. It can be applied to fields,such as wireless devices (such as PDAs, mobile phones, smart phones, cordless phones, image processing devices (cameras, printers, scanners), security products (smart cards, identification, ticket management, security checks), consumer entertainment (headphones, MP3, games) ,automotive products (GPS, ABS, power systems, airbags), household appliances (television, refrigerators, electric ovens, microwave ovens, stereos, video recorders), medical fitness, construction, toys, etc. The Bluetooth industry is gratifying for the continued growth of the market, and no one now doubts its vitality.

The development of Bluetooth

Trend 1: the Bluetooth technology will show extraordinary talents in the smart home market 

It is reported that due to the promotion of mesh technology, the annual compound growth rate of the Bluetooth technology in smart homes  is as high as 232% from 2013-2018. The mesh technology changes the traditional Bluetooth networking mode, and forms a grid in the form of broadcasts, which makes up for the shortcomings that traditional Bluetooth cannot form a large-scale network, and enhances the ability to penetrate the wall, effectively expanding the application prospect of Bluetooth.

Robin Heydon,an expert in the CSR Institute for Global Standards,pointed out in his speech that only in home content 87 Bluetooth devices may be used, such as doors and windows, garages, kitchen alarms, dish-washing tables, floor drains, dining tables, tables and chairs, bedrooms, balconies, etc.

On the other hand, the emerging low-power Bluetooth technology ( BLE) also plays a pivotal role in the entire low-power wireless communication market, and the outbreak of the smart home market will greatly promote the rapid growth of BLE technology. There are three main reasons: First, BLE itself has a low power consumption advantage, and after several years of development, the Bluetooth technology has become a generally accepted standard in the market; Second, it's the support of mobile operating system for Bluetooth. Currently the Bluetooth technology is already a standard configuration of portable devices ; Finally, it is the development of related applications and accessories, among which Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth car mount and Bluetooth MP3 are very popular among users. Zhuo Wentai said that in the future Bluetooth technology Alliance will target all scenarios that require low power consumption and low speed. He pointed out that Bluetooth will complement WiFi in the future.

 The development of Bluetooth

Trend 2: the Bluetooth chips with the processing capability are combined with sensor

In order to achieve better intelligence, the Bluetooth chip will be deeply integrated with the sensor in the future. The most probability is that the manufacturer will provide the Bluetooth chipset in the form of a SIP package. Zhuo Wentai said that in the future, the combination of Bluetooth and sensors can send the collected data directly to the Cloud for processing,so that each device equipped with a Bluetooth module becomes a smart device, and such an application can have great potential in homes and offices. .

Trend 3, indoor positioning based on Beacon technology

Zhuo Wentai pointed out that the Bluetooth-based Beacon positioning technology has high precision and low cost, which will subvert the future retail model. For example, when you walk into a retail store, the Beacon positioning technology can pinpoint your location. When you walk to the jacket window, the phone will pop up relevant promotional information, and even recommend clothing based on the big data of your previous purchase.

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