The main 12 functions of Bluetooth adapters


To put it simply, Bluetooth adapters add a Bluetooth transmitter to a device without Bluetooth.The following are the most frequently used applications a Bluetooth adapter use:

1.File transfer: It can transfer files across different software platforms. More and more mobile phones not only have a color display, but also have polyphonic ringtones, and you can download ringtones, pictures and small games online to play.That's to say,you can connect with a computer to edit phone books, ring tones and exchange pictures, etc;

2.Voice transmission: that is,  the service of Bluetooth audio gateway.You can listen to music wirelessly by connecting with a Bluetooth headset;

3.Data synchronization: it supports information synchronization between different operating platforms (such as data synchronization between handheld computers and computers, data synchronization between mobile phones and computers). The address book on mobile phones and computers can be said to be a memorandum that everyone relies heavily on in communication life.Therefore,you can connect to the computer through a computer to achieve shared Internet access, data exchange, and the synchronization of phone book, etc;

4.Dial-up network: Dial into a modem to connect to the Internet. The computer wirelessly accesses the Internet via a mobile phone. The traditional method is to use data cables or infrared rays, but both of them have disadvantages.As a result,you can connect to GPRS/CDMA 1X via mobile phone to achieve wireless Internet access anytime, anywhere;

5.Setting up a Bluetooth network: At present, there are more than two computers in the average family, and many people have a desktop computer and a laptop computer.As long as you have a computer with Internet access, you can use the Bluetooth connection (the Bluetooth adapter is installed on both computers) to share the network connection with another Bluetooth computer, so that both computers can access the Internet!

6.Remote control of your computer with a Bluetooth phone: it's cool enough! Just install and set up PC Control and other similar remote control software on your computer. Even if you are lying in bed and want to listen to MP3 music on your computer, you can remotely control your computer only if you have a Bluetooth mobile phone.

7.Bluetooth makes the computer become a headset of your mobile phone : if you have a Bluetooth mobile phone, I believe that the Bluetooth headset must be one of the Bluetooth accessories you want most. But Bluetooth headsets are not so cheap. If you have a limited budget and can't have a real Bluetooth headset, let your computer Cosplay and turn the Bluetooth computer into a headset!

8.Send SMS on your computer via Bluetooth: if you have a Bluetooth mobile phone, you don't have to edit the SMS on your mobile phone. You can send it out by tapping the SMS directly in the texting software on your computer. How convenient it is!

9.Let the computer use the Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard: if you use the Bluetooth adapter on your computer, your computer becomes a Bluetooth computer.Hence you can use the Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard as your user-friendly interface device to really get rid of the restraint of the cable.

10.Using a Bluetooth printer: After installing the Bluetooth adapter on your computer, you don't have to use a cable but directly print wirelessly using a Bluetooth printer, such as the HP995C Bluetooth printer.

11.Fax service: If you have a Bluetooth mobile phone, as long as you open the data fax service, install fax software such as WINFAX fax on the computer, and then specify the data machine as the mobile phone port, you can send a fax wirelessly by the Bluetooth on the computer. 

12.Enable PPC and PC to share Internet access in an asynchronous manner: Through Bluetooth, let PPC share PC broadband network and devices like hard disk resource space and others, so as to solve the problem of PPC wireless Internet access and data storage within a certain range.To realize this function, it is also a Bluetooth network access service. PDAs with similar functions are PDA Compaq iPaq 1940, 3970, 2210 and so on.

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