Why was there no icon when I pluged a Bluetooth adapter into my laptop computer?

Have you run into the situation where there was no Bluetooth icon when you inserted your Bluetooth adapter 64 bit windows 7 into your Notebook computer?

I have run into the condition personally before.I really have searched  and operated for an hour or more to solve the problem.The reasons are as follows:

1.The Bluetooth driver hasn't been set up.

You can download a drivergenius.Open the software, and the software will automatically detect the drivers that need to be installed.Then manually install the Bluetooth driver.Or download it in our CloudFile.

 2.Check if there is a Bluetooth adapter in the device manager or if it is normallly installed.
In addition, you need to install a software like BlueSoleil.

3.Bluetooth settings appear after you search Bluetooth, and then tick the box inside.

4.This is also the case if your Bluetooth adapter is currently free of drive but the computer has previously installed other Bluetooth drivers that have not been cleaned up.

5.Your computer system is not well installed, or the computer itself has a Bluetooth adapter driver which thus has an impact.

6.Your Bluetooth adapter does not  correspond to the Bluetooth driver on your current computer.


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