How to transfer files from a Bluetooth computer to your phone

Smartphones can be interconnected with computers to realize data exchange. The data stored in the mobile phone like E-mail,office files, photos, directory and others are backed up to the computer for storage,which  is just the secret that the data of a mobile phone will never be lost.

First,let us talk about how you connect your connect your computer with your phone through Bluetooth transfer.

The connection between the mobile phone and the computer can be data cable, infrared ray and Bluetooth. Users can select a connection method according to the function of our own mobile phone and its random accessories. The Bluetooth connection is the best connection method among them at present, but  users need to purchase a matching device to insert the computer's USB interface.Also,the data synchronization tool should be installed on the computer. The driver of the Bluetooth adapter is to be installed on the computer when the Bluetooth management tool  installed  in the system, and at that time a small icon will be added to the desktop taskbar.

Turn on the phone's Bluetooth function (almost all smartphones support Bluetooth) and start connecting your phone to your computer. Then select “Add a Bluetooth Device” on the computer to add a Bluetooth device, and the Bluetooth adapter will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices. In a short while, it will find the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and display the results of the query in the "Add a Device"Wizard window, at which point users can create a connection based on the wizard.
     After the connection is successful, select the “Send a File” command in the Bluetooth management tool to send a file from  computer to mobile phone to see if the phone can receive the information from the computer and test whether the communication between the two is successful.  If your phone does not receive a message from your computer, you will need to check your hardware device and connection.

That's basically the process when you connect your computer to your mobile devices.However,when you want transfer files from computer to phone by a Bluetooth adapter  for laptop rather than a data cord,whether you have met some problems?For example,you can transfer documents from phone to your computer while you can't transfer documents oppositely.You can't search your Bluetooth device on your computer.What's wrong with this?

The below factors you may consider:

1.You may install some software,like Bluetooth transfer assistant.

2.You should retry according to our Bluetooth User Instruction.

3.If you don't have a Bluetooth adapter,you may need one.Ours are HERE.They are cheap,but must help you a lot to get quicker in file transfer.

4.Check whether the driver needed is correctly installed in case you Bluetooth USB adapter necessitates a driver.You can find our corresponding link for driver in FAQ.

5.If everything is no problem,you just need to turn on your Bluetooth on the Setting of your iPhone before you add a new device on your computer.


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