The connection between Bluetooth stereo and Bluetooth driver failed. What happened?

The steps to make Bluetooth stereo and Bluetooth driver connected is:

Step 1: Make sure the computer has Bluetooth. If you don't have a Bluetooth adapter, you can buy one. Click Computer, right click Management and then click Device Manager.

Step 2: Click Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the desktop—Right click Add a Device.

Step 3: Select the Bluetooth speaker found and click Next. The computer automatically installs the driver and shows the device was successfully added. 

Step 4: Start Menu----Click Device and Printer. Find the Bluetooth speaker, select it, and right click on Properties. Switch to the Services tab, select the options, and then confirm,and the computer will automatically install the driver.

5 bluetooth adapter windows 7 not working for bluetooth speaker

Step 5: Double-click the icon of Bluetooth speaker, and it will pop up the following window. Click it to connect. Please note that this window can not be turned off during playback of Bluetooth speaker, otherwise Bluetooth will be disconnected. When the computer is rebooted and  reconnected to the Bluetooth speaker, it is necessary to repeat the fourth step and the fifth step. When the computer is rebooted, by default it will be not connected.

Step 6: Right click on the small speaker (volume adjustment) on the bottom right of the desktop and click on the playback device.

Step 7: Set the Bluetooth speaker in the Playback tab as the default device and confirm.

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