• Win 10 system suddenly can not use Bluetooth and the entire Bluetooth function can not be found, how can it be solved?

          Have you ever met the following situation?    When your computer was booted up, the Bluetooth function of the computer could not be displayed. The Bluetooth function was not found in the task-bar or the control panel. Some methods found on the Internet were invalid. The methods that have been tried are:      1. The drivers of Qualcomm and Intel are installed, which has no effect.      2. In Device Manager and find that Bluetooth-related entries are not found at all.      3. Click Run and enter services.msc. But the...
  • The connection between Bluetooth stereo and Bluetooth driver failed. What happened?

    The connection between Bluetooth stereo  and Bluetooth driver failed. What happened?
    The steps to make¬†Bluetooth stereo and Bluetooth driver connected is: Step 1: Make sure the computer has Bluetooth. If you don't have a Bluetooth adapter, you can buy one. Click Computer, right click Management and then click Device Manager.Step 2: Click Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the desktop‚ÄĒRight click Add a Device.Step 3: Select the Bluetooth speaker found and click Next. The computer automatically installs the driver and shows the device was successfully added.¬†Step 4: Start Menu----Click Device and Printer. Find the Bluetooth speaker, select it, and right click on Properties. Switch to...
  • Which is betterÔľĆBluetooth adapters or data cables?

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    ¬† ¬† There are advantages and disadvantages for both of them in terms of use. ¬† ¬† ¬†In speedÔľĆof course, the data cable is better, but only for the specified models because of its port.In fact, Bluetooth adapter is better, whose supported models or brands are more extensive.However,the speed of Bluetooth adapters¬† is not ideal when used for wireless network transmission.The data cable is always bad in its interface, which causes some problem and inconvenience while Bluetooth¬† is better in versatility.The most important thing is that Bluetooth adapter implements more features than the the data cable.For...
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